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STORYA Scarlett Christmas story

by Bobby_K68

Scarlett looked wistfully out the window as the snow floated down from the sky.

She turned her head back into her bedroom and looked into the nearby mirror. Scarlett’s feline features and her bold dark eyes looked challengingly back at her. She liked looking fierce and striking awe in others, men and women alike.

Despite usually enjoying having this effect on people, today, Scarlett couldn’t help but be the one who felt startled today, just by looking at her own reflection.

For the first time, Scarlett saw herself in a new way.

While she enjoyed putting on makeup, especially eye makeup –Scarlett didn’t have much patience for working on her hair. Hair got in the way of things, and she liked being practical. That’s why, she always kept her blonde hair tied up in a bun

Scarlett always had to take care of things, herself. Ever since she was a child, she had to be the ‘grown up’ in the household. Scarlett’s parents were not well, and so she had to live with relatives. While Scarlett relatives provided her with food and shelter, all the basic needs, she was left to her own devices.

And so, living in a household of ‘benign neglect’, Scarlett did all she could to make the most out of life. She used the power of her mind, the power of her imagination. She cobbled together old pots and pans, boxes and drapes. With anything Scarlett could get her hands on, she built fortresses and forests. Her toys became her family, her brothers, sisters and friends. They went on adventures, where they struggled, learnt lessons and grew up together.

While in her private sanctuary, Scarlett explored and experimented, during ‘normal’ life, she kept quiet and still. She observed. During school, she watched all the students, the teachers. Scarlett didn’t speak much, but she listened, and she learned.

As Scarlett got older into her teens, she noticed that boys, and girls, looked at her differently. They looked at her more often. While at first, she thought it was strange, she sensed a mixture of feelings others had when they looked at her. It was curiosity, desire, and yes, jealousy at times from the other girls who wanted attention. Scarlett liked all of it.

However, Scarlett also wanted those people who looked at her, who stared at her, to know, that she was looking at them too. She always was, like a cat.

And that’s how Scarlett discovered her style that expressed who she was. Looking at the mirror, Scarlett gave herself a smile, and a little wink.
And blew herself a kiss.
The end.


Author: BobbyK_68, 13 December 2021

1.Material: zexdoll silicone dolls are made of platinum silicone, which is non-toxic and tasteless.

In its unvulcanized state, silicone rubber is a highly adhesive gel or liquid. In order to convert to a solid, it must be cured, vulcanized, or catalyzed. Common ways to cure silicone include Platinum-based cure system, Condensation cure system, Peroxide cure system.
Among them, the silicone that uses platinum curing is called platinum silicone. Its biggest feature is that there are no by-products in the curing process. Therefore, the silicone cured by platinum can be odorless, non-toxic, and will not cause harm to human health. It is widely used in medical supplies, kitchen supplies, baby supplies, etc. However, platinum silicone is easily affected by tin, sulfur and complex amine compounds during the curing process, resulting in incomplete curing or non-curing. Therefore, the production of platinum silicone products requires better process and environment than other materials.
2. The production team
zexdoll has a research and development team composed of artists, combined with traditional sculpture techniques and the latest 3D digital modeling technology, can constantly provide dolls which is at a super high degree of realism and quality of wax figure level. The company has ability to produce physical dolls made of silica gel and TPE at the same time and can provide suitable products for different types of customers, so as to meet the emotional and sexual needs of all kinds of dolls. zexdoll has a team of artists who can produce wax figures. Our wax figure products (currently high-end wax figure products on the market are also made of silicone materials) are also at the top level in the industry. Therefore, zexdoll products have always been in makeup and coloring. What we are pursuing is a super-realistic route, and the effect of the product’s promotional pictures is exactly same as the actual product. At the same time, we can also undertake private customization services, which can achieve a super high degree of realism of wax figure level.


3. The zexdoll doll adopts the latest EVO skeleton, which can make most of the movements that a real person can do (including shoulder shrugs, waist turns, splits, etc.).
4. Our company has many European and American heads, and all European and American heads are designed by European and American designers, while other domestic manufacturers are designed by Chinese designers. From the general feedback from overseas customers, our European and American heads are more in line with the aesthetics of foreigners.


5. In terms of weight, our products use foamed silicone as the filler for weight reduction, and the shape of the foamed silicone is completed by 3D digital modeling. The thickness of the skin is accurately controlled within a reasonable range. The weight reduction effect is good, and it does not affect the feel of the touch.


6. For all non-flat breasted dolls, the chest is filled with super soft gel, and the shape of the gel is also designed with 3D digital modeling to ensure that the outermost layer of silicone on the chest is controlled to a very thin but not damaged thickness, so as to achieve the softest and most durable breast among all dolls in the world.

7. The epidermis of zexdoll silicone products is designed with skin texture, which has real skin textures like real skin.
8. Except for the 100cm and 110cm bodies, all bodies are equipped with articulated fingers by default. The upgraded articulated fingers are more realistic and can simulate various finger movements of real person, meeting the needs of dolls photograph enthusiasts.



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